The company TRANSMADRID Inc. was founded in 1958, at a time when Europe and the world were separated into blocks and Spain was politically isolated. The company was created to bring together those supposedly different worlds, that remained united by the Mediterranean Sea. Since our very beginning, our desire was to build bridges of cooperation and friendship. We believe that the Mediterranean is that natural bridge, which connects Croatia and Spain not only by the sea, but also for its vitality, looking for the universal values that now unify the modern Europe, respecting the historical, cultural and national differences.

Spain is an example of a country whose social and political system has been transformed into another, with an unprecedented success. The new states created in dramatic circumstances after the dissolution of former Yugoslavia, made it very difficult the task of joining them into the civilization and economic situation of Western Europe. We recognize the difficult circumstances that dominate the economic scene seemed to have no solution, but this is precisely what motivates us to persist in our goal, feeling enriched by more than 50 years of experience. Taking a look at the long list of projects in which Transmadrid was the main creator, and often the collaborator or director, it is easy to always find a record identifier that can be defined as a virtual builder of bridges of cooperation.

The first works that emerged in the era of political and economic isolation of Spain and the absence of any relations between Spain and the former Yugoslavia and the countries behind the Iron Curtain, were full of formal obstacles but we managed to open the new roads. The export of citrus fruits, cork, pine resin, olive oil and wine, as the import of timber, phosphates and snuff, were the basis of a complex system of financial transactions, which drew the way to achieve a collaboration relationship. The work on the car industry, railway, shipbuilding, industrial equipment, telecommunications and energy are areas where Transmadrid has achieved excellent results.

We are still convinced that these are guidelines to follow to build, create and improve relations between Spain and the new states, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. With that affirmation, we both refer to a possible synergy and enrichment, in the case of an industrial product as complex as a ship, but also to seek alternative energy sources compatible with the environment. We also refer to establishing socio-cultural bridges through cultural heritage, local traditions or uniting people of the modern world.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have joined us in our goals( golas), because only with their effort, understanding and confidence to our company we were able to made this journey, that we now remember with pride and satisfaction.

Our future project is to continue looking for new business solutions to consolidate the existing cooperation links and to create new challenges.

Aleksandar Hajduka

President and CEO of Transmadrid